Jimmy Choo Christy bags

Yes, it is a hairy coconut or worse, whatever nasty image your mind can handle. This clutch made entirely of metal and chains is the most ill conceived piece of work I have ever seen. I get that fringe is in but fringes are only appealing (which they're not but let's pretend) because they are wispy and will move around softly with you. Metal however does not have those qualities and unless you are hiding piranhas in that thing, there is no other reason for it. Metal is also heavy and apparently a rare commodity because this clutch is $4550. Even if you're ok with that, what about what it looks like? How do I say this politely? Um, there are certain anatomical parts on a man that frankly I can do without EVER seeing much less have it replicated in a larger form using material that is prickly and looks even more scraggly. And then what? I prance around town with it in my hand? No thanks. You must pre-order at Jimmy Choo. And who the heck is Christy? I'd hate to be the muse for this one.

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