Chloe Paraty Python Pre-Order bags

If you missed out on this bag last time around, here is another opportunity to order the Chloe Paraty Python bag at $3,850.

I know, I know, really pricey-- even for python but what can you do? This is a hot bag and probably won't make it to sale. If you're feeling guilty, let me put it in perspective for you: 7,000 people were laid off from Macy's yesterday and more companies are expected to follow suit because people are no longer buying. So if you have the cash, go for it.

On another note, have you guys noticed how expensive everything seems to be lately? Balmain is peddling $2700 shoes and $2600 tank tops and Balenciaga has a pair of $870 flat summer sandals. It's almost like a "Let them eat cake!" attitude that designers are taking right now. But hello, with most of the fabulous and trendy out of work, who is going to buy this stuff?

What do you think of the ridiculous prices of late?  

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

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