Bandana Bags

I walked by the Fendi section at Neiman Marcus the other day and saw these bags in multiple sizes. I didn't even blink. This is, after all, Fendi-- and I have come to expect no less than absolutely atrocious and hideous bags from the line.  I barely flinched as I examined the bags and tossed them back on to the display shelves where they will certainly stay until Last Call. 

I'm almost thinking that this is a licensing deal with Crayola; you know, as in you provide the crayons, we'll color it in.  Fendi Forever bag at $895

For your entertainment-- here is another ridiculous bag from Fendi that I found on a Chinese blog.  Apparently Fendi is in an arts and crafts mood for 2009.  At Fendi boutiques worldwide.  Jump to see enlarged photo.

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