Celine Blossom Tote bags

Here is a bag that looks way better being walked around, it has a total young hip vibe if you dress it down and maybe even a little frayed (I don't do ripped jeans but that's the idea). As a matter of fact, this strategy is a great way to fight the recession. You get a really great bag like this, or another one that is slightly serious (but it has to be classic) and you dress like a bum and voila you are now super model Agyness Deyn. Although the price of this might be counter indicative to my plan. It has a really cool engineered look with the chunky hardware, which I normally do not like, but it is working for me because it isn't all over and the balls make it feminine, whereas if they were nuts and bolts a la Zac Posen then it isn't. The tote is an essential so it should stay classic but it also needs to have a presence and this one definitely makes you take notice.

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