Gucci Lucy Python Clutch bags

The humble bamboo plant has always been associated with Gucci since the 1940s. A reason why the bamboo made an appearance then was also because many exotic materials were in short supply during the war years, and creativity was the order of the day. Since then it has become a firm favourite with royalty and celebrities alike. I am also a fan, so when I first spotted the Gucci Lucy Python Clutch naturally my jaw dropped. Exotic python is employed in this clutch, along with leather and suede before finally finished with gold hardware.

More importantly it also has the iconic bamboo nodes which lets you know at once this is indeed a Gucci creation, and not a Jimmy Choo for example, which has clutches that look pretty similar. Measuring 26 cm by 13 cm, this gorgeous clutch will set you back by GBP1135, or around SGD2550 or so. Not sure of the exact RRP, but I've got a feeling it will cost more to get it here.


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