Let a playful handbag brighten up your winter

Doing my handbag research I have got very bored recently. How many boring plain old looking handbags do we need? Why would anyone want to carry a handbag that makes them look 10-30 years older (depending on their actual age...)?

So my mission today is to find some nice funky handbags that look youthful, playful and plain fun. Hurrah for colour I think as the weather is getting more and more dismal too!

Playful handbags

The first handbag looks like you are carrying a Cheshire cat around. It has been named Wonder Weenie but was formerly called Dinky Dee. Both slightly unfortunate names. But this handbag , or rather messenger bag is not only practical as it will fit your A4 stuff, but also bright enough to function as protective gear you if you are a cyclist. It comes in many more colours too.

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