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Chanel Fall 2007 Handbags 2

From the runway of Paris, Karl Lagerfeld brought together a complacent winter themed backdrop with a commonplace line from Chanel. From a mastermind like Lagerfeld one would expect some guts and ingenuity, but for the Chanel Fall 2007 line, the basics were kept nearby with small amounts of color splashes and outfits that are poised yet wearable. As far as the accessories go, the Chanel handbags were nothing out of the ordinary and the shoes manifested in tall boots and back buckles. The Turquoise Reissue brought a colorful twist to the line that was rather doldrum at times. Heavy and dark drawn in eyebrows were key along with frizzy crimped hair and a bib-like addition to some outfits. While not completely let-down, there is also a feeling that something was missing from the Chanel line for the upcoming season.

Chanel Fall 2007 Handbags 1

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