Foley + Corinna Lady Knot Tote bags

Foley + Corinna Lady Knot Tote
I realize that not everyone out there is as bonkers for Foley + Corinna as I am. But when I saw this new style for Spring/Summer 2009, I just couldn’t resist writing about it! Introducing the Foley + Corinna Lady Knot Tote! Hot off the presses, this new style is a bit different from the typical Foley + Corinna bag. That’s right, it isn’t convertible AND it’s a tote bag. Wow, somebody sure is breaking away from their norm!

So how do I feel about this bag? I really like it! But not simply because it’s Foley + Corinna, but because it is also unique-looking. I like the tiered handles and how the base of each handle pierces through the side of the bag and is knotted into place. I also like the patent/matte leather combo, although I was really hoping for some fun colors for Spring. Actually, I hear they have a really pretty turquoise for this season! Oh well…

The Foley + Corinna Lady Knot Tote measures 21″ x 15″ x 3″ and it retails for $490.

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