Marc Jacobs Croc Billfold

Just for fun I thought I'd showcase the Marc by Marc Jacobs Croc Billfold, which seems the be the 'in' thing lately. Not so much the brand, but more the pattern itself. Yes croc is officially 'in' again. Thing is, we all know real crocodile is much too expensive and beyond the reach of most, but there's nothing exorbitant about croc-embossed leather. Especially when they are just USD45 each, and no it is not a typo. From Marc's Special Items collection, I am loving the one in Blue (shown above) the most. Isn't it just perfect for the summer?

Then there's the close second, the one in Red. Much more refined, yet equally stunning.

And lastly, the one in Black most girls will be getting for their boyfriends. Heterosexual on the outside, with some colour on the inside. The one that no colleague at work will mock him for using. Get them from selected Marc by Marc Jacobs boutiques in the States, London and Hong Kong.

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