Sofia Seville bags


Say hello to my new bestfriend, "Sofia Seville"!This Handbag has it all. This handbag is soft to the touch with a great duribilty built in to it.The mutiple zippers are the ultimate fashion statement with attitude.The long tassels that are connected to the zippers are so accessible, and cause the bag to achive an edgy look.

I am personally really into BIG HANDBAGS but I find mysef pleased with the size of this bag at 15”W 14.5 H4.5D it can hold just about anything that I put into it.

I have to say that the colors that the “Sofia Seville” come in are very bright without being too bright.I have to admit, I already snagged a “ Sofia Seville” of my own in white.I just can’t ignore a brilliant handbag when I see one.—Can you?So what do you think? I am curious to know what type of “Handbags” the Bag Buzz readers enjoy =)

So speak up and show my your independent style!

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