Handbags Designers Fall/Winter 08/09

Guess handbags are really pretty close up. Something I have never really realised. I have to admit that they are not necessarily exactly my style, but I can understand why someone would find them appealing.

Guess are not purely a handbag brand, they are also famous for their other fashion items – besides clothing especially their watches and jewellery are worth a mention. Guess was founded by Georges, Armand, Paul, and Maurice Marciano, four brothers born in Ouarzazate Morocco but who supposedly grew up in the south of France and were influenced by the culture and style in the region. They moved to California in 1977 and founded the company in 1981.
Here are some handbags that you can currently buy online – one even as new as from the Fall/Winter 2009 collection!! From top left in clockwise order:
Guess handbags

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