Chanel Christmas Accessories

Chanel indulge us with some purely decadent goodness that is geared toward the Christmas season, with some fantastic bags and accessories that deserve mention.

The revamped classic Chanel 2.55 comes along in a stunning metallic alligator version with matching dorseys… this combo does not need any futher description. Just let the breathtaking beauty settle in and see if you anything else to add after.

Chanel 2.55 Metallic Alligator Flap Bag

The Chanel Patent Double Flap Bag in beautiful, vibrant red, along with the Chanel Patent Wedge Sandals with metallic tips and CC detail are bound to steal the show. While I am not a big fan of the sandals, the bag with its chained leather strap and CC clasp atop the double flaps makes me like it even more.

Chanel Calfskin Double Flap Handbag

The slightly larger Chanel Patent Double Flap Bag comes in a metallic dark blue shade, while the Chanel Jewelry Belt with its metal, resin and pearl charms marks a wonderful addition to the fancy bag.

Chanel Metallic Double Flap Handbag

Lastly, the fine syndication between calfskin and lambskin makes this interesting Chanel Quited Shoulder Bag. The contrasting colors and the Chanel-typical quilt detail make this bag a winner in my book.

Chanel Quited Lambskin Shoulder Bag

To order these Chanel Handbags, give Chanel a ring at (800) 550-0005 - a customer rep will sure be glad to give you additional information, such as price and availability. I’d give them a call myself, but calling 800 numbers from outside the US is not possible.

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