Chanel Tote Handbag

Beautiful Chanel Tote Handbag

As you can see they are very very pretty. When a girl walks around with a bag like this she feels pretty too. That is the magic of great design.

My Friend's Chanel Tote Handbag

This is a friend's bag. When her and I team up and go out, watch out guys, we are hott and we know it.

I loved this site about the beautiful Chanel Tote Handbags by Stephthegirl at Squidoo. There are some great pictures there. There are 2 neat videos, one by Kiera Knightly and one by Nicole Kidman. They did these videos for Chanel She has the history of Chanel, a Chanel News feed, and even a feed from Twitter about Chanel. What a cute and clever Chanel Site. Just what a Chanel handbag lover like me need to have bookmarked

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