Burberry Cartridge Pleat Tote bags

Burberry Cartridge Pleat Tote When I first saw the Burberry Cartridge Pleat Tote, I thought of gun cartridges. I’m not entirely sure that that’s what I was supposed to think of, and maybe it’s just indicative of my proximity to those that are, in fact, packin’ heat, but that’s what I thought of. And if that’s the picture that the folks at Burberry were trying to paint, then they did a pretty good job. Unlike the soft, ruffly Burberry tote that we featured a few days ago, the patent leather of this bag makes the rows neat and stuff, giving it the appearance of rows and rows of Rambo-like bullet straps. The handles, attachments, and optional shoulder strap are all in smooth leather of the same color, with juxtaposes nicely with the all-over pleating. I think it was wise to do the patent incarnation in a more structured shape than the soft leather, because patent is inherently more structured, and matching appropriate material with appropriate bag structure is one of the most important things a bag designer can do. I don’t like it as much as the soft leather hobo, but that’s just my personal taste - I’m still impressed with Burberry’s bags for this season.

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