Oscar de la Renta Lizard Lightening Clutch bags

odlrlighteningclutch.jpg Finding a chic exotic skin clutch that combines neutral beige shades with stark black is no easy task. Especially in a patchwork style which runs the risk of looking pieced together with leftover scrap leather. Oscar de la Renta's Lizard Lightening clutch, however, is a stunning example of how to do patchwork right.  The skins not only look perfectly cut for the design, they look seamlessly pieced together.  It also has a vintage-y 70's vibe that I always find appealing.  I don't know why I like the look of old stuff.  When I was in my teens I only wanted the shiniest and trendiest of new things but now, give me the retro!  The 9.25" x 5.5" clutch has invisible magnetic closure and 6" inside pocket with zipper closure, a 6" pouch pocket with lizard trim and dark brown leather interior.

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