Birdy Num Num

I have only just discovered Birdy Num Num, but I quite like them. Not only because their name reminds me of one of the catch phrases from I can has cheez burger, a website you will probably know, but if not: cats are cute and talking silly and num num means yummy.

Well, anyway, I am digressing. The brand was started in London in 2000 as a small lifestyle accessories label. Their trademarks are the nice soft nappa leather that they use and their attention to detail as expressed in their fine bag linings. Not only do they create handbags, but also related accessories like glasses etuis and bound diaries.

Here are some of the Birdy Num Num handbags that I especially like. These are mostly from the new Autumn Winter 2008 collection with the exception of the cosmetic purse and the glasses etuis.

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