Animal friendly bags

I was browsing the internet for handbags – as I do - and I stumbled across Matt and Nat’s Vegan Leather handbags – and I thought to myself: “Hang on? Vegan handbags? Do they mean fake leather?” And it turns out yes. This represents their credo: Fashion forward AND vegan. I guess the difference is here that non-leather is the conscious positive choice rather than the cheaper option in production!

Well they do make you feel that it is not as the cheaper option as their handbags are the most pricey – non leather handbags I have ever seen! ^_^ Well, well, but if I understand right, they are made from Japanese paper… and they do look tasty, they have their very own original crinkly look – so here they are:
Matt & Nat's handbags

Matt & Nat Vegan Leather GRANDMASTER Bag £120
Matt & Nat Vegan Leather PORTISHEAD Bag £135
Matt & Nat Vegan Leather BAUHAUS Bag £200
Matt & Nat Vegan Leather KALI Bag £130

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