New Brighton Purses

Hi, It’s PurseCilla and I want to add some words about Brighton Purses:

The famous Brighton brand started in 1991 as a company producing leather belts. In the next 18 years, a lot of water had flown under the bridge, and now Brighton is synonymous with jewelry, sunglasses, handbags, designer purses, footwear and watches.

Brighton purses, designer wallets and handbags stand out in their craftsmanship, quality of manufacture and durability of its materials. Its designers always create handbags trends, while its patented manufacturing techniques ensured top quality designer purses and handbags that withstood the test of time, rough of daily use, and above all, climatic changes. Many of its designs are water resistant and immune to termite and fungi attacks.

Brighton Purses

On its models, the combination of the modern and traditional designs always attract customers to Brighton, and the brand in turn had responded to its patron’s expectations by churning out newer models every month, if not in weeks.

In an already crowded designer purse market, it is important to keep pace with the market leaders, and Brighton had done just that. No wonder, its customer base in increasing with every passing month world over.

On the pricing front, Brighton handbags are priced in the $200-$300 range on an average. This makes it one of the affordable designer handbags/purses currently available in the market. For more details on the pricing of Brighton purses, and its latest models, see the Brighton home website or visit the bag boutique or Brighton bag store near your home.

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