Pushing Buttons wallets

Normally, when you push someone's buttons, that is a bad thing. But when the buttons are on a handbag, that just means you are closing the purse up, like in a button closure of some sort. But what if the buttons are on a wallet?

Urban Expressions Pushlock Wallet - $55.00

Buttons on a wallet? Surely we jest! But no, we are not jesting – our newest wallets are pushbutton closure, making them similar to a small, thin clutch that is a wallet instead of a purse. How cute is that! And this new Urban Expressions Pushlock Wallet almost looks like a red carpet clutch, without the red carpet price. For only $25 (on sale for a limited time) you can get this unique and gorgeous wallet that you will keep forever.

Giraffe Print Pushbutton Wallet - $52.00

Our new Giraffe Print Pushbutton Wallet is another keeper. This bag has the same pushbutton closure as UE one, but with the ever-popular giraffe print on it. This is a great wallet with plenty of slots for dollar bills and credit or debit cards. It even has a clear panel for your ID or driver's license and a small zippered pocket for change and other tiny items. In fact, both pushbutton wallets have all of these features.

So what are you waiting for? Be the first in your circle to own a pushbutton wallet.

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