Lucy Purse

OK, so this actually wasn't the Lucy we were talking about when we first started writing up this blog post, but it is the first Lucy that comes to mind when we hear that name. And who wouldn't love this Lucy? Her show is still hilarious all these years later – how many comedies can say that in today's modern day? Not too many!

Lucy Purse
Lucy Purse - $150.00

We are rather hoping that the second Lucy that comes to mind when you hear that name will be this handbag. The new, simply-named Lucy Purse is a beautiful handbag that will look great slung over your shoulder or carried on your arm. It has leatherette accents like a small heart cutout and some stitching and gathering at the sides. Choose from black, brown or white.

Striped Lucy Purse

Striped Lucy Purse - $150.00

If you couldn't decide between white or black for the Lucy Purse, we have two suggestions. One is to buy them both, or buy our Striped Lucy Purse instead, which allows you to get a black and white combo purse or coffee and white combo purse so you don't have to choose a color. It has the same side leatherette detail stitching and heart cutout that the original Lucy Purse has, but with stripes that will look great with any casual outfit.

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