No Slouch handbags

So what's in a name? Usually a lot, but when you call a handbag 'slouchy' that is not a bad thing. It doesn't mean it is a slouch or has bad posture. OK, well we guess it has bad posture for a handbag, but in this case, that is a good thing. Check out our selection of slouchy bags that are great for everyday use:

Slouchy Shopper - $156.00

The Slouchy Shopper is the newest slouchy kid on the block. It comes in great colors like yellow, black, burgundy, pewter and purple. Buy a bright colored one to make a drab outfit pop, or buy a muted tone to enhance an already fabulous outfit.

Genuine Leather Slouchy Poeme Hobo - $250

If you prefer higher-end bags, our Genuine Leather Slouchy Poeme Hobo may be just your style.

Fadden Slouchy Satchel - $158.00

One of our first slouchy bags and still a best seller, the Fadden Slouchy Satchel is big without being bulky and can be used for multiple purposes.

Melie Bianco Birds of Paradise Slouchy Hobo - $156.00

Designer Melie Bianco has gotten into the slouchy trend as well, with this decidedly summery Birds of Paradise Slouchy Hobo. Allow yourself to be swept away to a tropical wonderland when you wear this bag that reminds us of sand, surf, sun and lots of fun.

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