Melie Bianco Messenger Bag

Yup, we have even more Melie Bianco to show you. We promise new bags every week, and this week we have a Melie-palooza. So without further adieu, here are her newest, stylish offerings. Remember, they all come with her signature polka dot interior lining!

Melie Bianco Messenger Bag
Melie Bianco Messenger Bag

The big, oversized bag trend just won't end, and we love it! Messengers are hot right now, and none are hotter than this Melie Bianco Messenger Bag. Available in three color combinations, it is roomy yet fits perfectly under your arm. It is a great addition to any wardrobe and can also function as an overnight bag in a pinch.


Melie Bianco handbag fan said...

This Melie Bianco handbag is great! The right size and I like the shape.

Anonymous said...

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