Purse Patterns

Hi, This is Kimberly and I present you today a guest post by my grandmother about free purse patters

If you are a doting grandmother or mother, who wishes to present your young (grand) daughter a handbag or purse for her birthday, free purse patterns must give you enough food for thought to conjure up a decent purse design in your mind. Stitching together a purse by oneself not only satiates your creative skills, but also churns out a personal gift item no other readymade purchase could ever replace.

Stitching one’s own purse based on a free handbag patterns is also cost effective option because most designer purses or handbags available in the market today are too costly for the common man/woman to afford. It also solves the situation where one is forced to buy a purse, which is not his/her first choice, owing to lack of choices available in a store or owing to high price tags.

Free Purse Patterns

You could find a lot of free handbag patterns in the web. In fact, there are hundreds of websites marketing their purse patterns free of cost, alongside the step by step instructions on how to stitch together the purse, and the material to be used for the same. However it goes without mention that one may preferably stick to the instructions given as much as possible, and use the same set of raw materials specified. This is crucial for the durability of the end product. One is free to improvise, but only sensibly and within limits. If everything goes fine, the overall cost of making a purse, based on purse patterns, must be far cheaper than a branded purse bought from a purse store near your home.

If you have a creative mind and a pair of hands good at the art of stitching, why waste money on purses? Choose one from the many free handbag patterns available in the internet and make one for yourself. Now, you can have the buckle or the pocket wherever you want on the purse, or a colored interior, or simply your favorite design on its flap, rather than having to satisfy with what all utility a branded purse provides.


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