New Releases bags

We got lots of new bags fresh from the warehouse and in stock for your buying pleasure! Since there are so many, no more intros, let's get started!

Quilted Belt Purse - $164.00

Belted purses are very popular right now, and we have added the classic look of a quilted fabric to it, bringing it to a whole other level with our Quilted Belt Purse. Choose from grey, orange or pink.

Melie Bianco Woven Convertible Shoulder Bag - $172.00

Melie Bianco is getting into the new bag look as well, with our Woven Convertible Shoulder Bag that comes in basic black or brown colors in order to match up with most anything in your closet.

Rampage Hobo - $160.00

Our new Rampage Hobo comes in such beautiful, minty colors that we want one of each! Choose from green, light-red (which is a kind of a hot pink color), mint and yellow.

Giraffe Print Bucket Tote - $154.00

We've previously released one version of the Giraffe Print Bucket Tote, but we now have the same style bag, slightly updated and in a beautiful metallic silver.

Giraffe Print Pushbutton Wallet - $122.00

And what would a giraffe print bag purchase be without a wallet? Our Giraffe Print Pushbutton Wallet is perhaps the most unique one we have ever sold. It is a beauty and sure to sell out quick, so hurry up and buy one today!


Anonymous said...

love the green one;)

Pastry Handbags said...

I adore the Giraffe print... Definitely matches my taste and style! I've never seen a pushbutton wallet designed with such vivid details. Thanks for sharing this!