Zebra Print Boardwalk Purse

When fashionistas like Nicky Hilton, Halle Berry and Christina Aguilera start showing off their own personal animal nature, you know that a trend is either catching on or already in full swing. And we are right there with it!

Zebra Print Boardwalk Purse

Our new Zebra Print Boardwalk Purse is a good place to start when talking about our new animal prints. Choose from red or black trim for this great casual purse that can also be dressed up and taken to the office on business casual days.

Giraffe Print Boardwalk Purse

Of course, we can't make a zebra bag without giving you a giraffe print version! What a beauty, and it is $15 off the regular price for a limited time only, leaving you with some money to put into the matching wallet:

Giraffe Print Fold-Over Wallet

You can also choose red or brown trim on this Giraffe Print Fold-Over Wallet in addition to the pictured black trim.

Zebra Print Fold-Over Wallet

And naturally, we have the zebra version of the wallet as well. Mix or match them, or just use the wallets with other non-animal print handbags. The sky is the limit with these stylish accessories.

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