Louis Vuitton Surya XL


To-die-for bag alert! I am absolutely loving the Louis Vuitton Surya XL, an awesome, hefty, gleaming purse that will undoubtedly do the job for women who have a habit of carrying way too much. “Surya” means sun in Hindi, and this bag’s name pays homage to the Hindu sun god. And indeed it does shine crazily thanks to the supple, lightweight yet sturdy patent leather. It’s one of those purses that will really stand the test of time, turn heads and wear well with just about anything. Also in black and brown (but this violet is easily the most stunning). Available for $3360 at eLuxury.

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metscan said...

Hi ! So sorry that I feel so different about this bag. To me it looks only XL and shares the typical Vuitton features. Too huge for my daily belongings,too huge to tote elegantly. I guess that the price is in connection with the size.