New Fossil Purses

Fossil was one of the few brands in the US that had won over ladies by combining unparalleled style in its designs with value for money. It may appear a bit surprising that Fossil had managed to carve a niche for itself in the handbag market, by competing with the bigwigs in bag industry, just by offering affordable designer purses, and sans any proactive marketing. The price tag of Fossil purses and Fossil handbags, in the range of $140 to $210, is many times cheaper than the costly handbags of popular brands in the market.

Fossil Purses

Another reason why Fossil had managed to win its share of patrons is the quality it offers, and the new and innovative designs it introduces periodically in the market. Designers at Fossil realize that being current and trendy is crucial for business, and the combination with low prices ensures that Fossil handbags remains a much sought after one in the lower end to middle tier brackets. On the quality front, made from durable genuine leather and jacquard fabric, fossil purses are tailor designed to stand the rough of every day’s use and climate. It also comes with high utility value, making it a handy handbag or purse which handles all the functionalities expected of a traditional handbag/purse.

One of the popular signature Fossil handbags and purses include the barrel handbag, which is a long circular tube like design of patterned jacquard fabric with leather trim. It is available in three sizes – small, medium and large – at a price tag of around $40 only. There are not many quality handbags you could find in the market at comparable prices.

Fossil handbags are by default cheaper. But during seasonal/clearance sales, one might be able to get a far cheaper deals. See Fossil website for the latest handbags and prices.

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