Vivienne Westwood picnic handbags

Browsing the internet I have found some more Vivienne Westwood handbags - and the added benefit: The handbags I am going to show you today are on sale!! Obviously these bags are from the previous Vivienne Westwood handbag collection and if you are looking for Westwood’s handbag trend for 2008 and 2009 follow the hyperlink.

Not only are the bags that I have found available for exactly half the original price, but furthermore they go with the sailor style handbag trend that I talked about before. Although they are called picnic handbag (I guess that is because the bag looks like a knotted together picnic blanket or neckerchief), these handbags would perfect the partner-look with Popeye for Olivia Oyl.

 Vivienne Westwood picnic handbag

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