Zip Around Hobo bags

Zip Around Hobo - $156.00

Our Zip Around Hobo will having you singing Zippety Do Dah in no time. This unique bag has zippers going all the way around, plus a zippered top closure, an internal zippered pocket and a small attached coin purse that also has a zippered closure. More zippers for the buck than you could ever imagine! And it is only $68, though if you order now during our limited-time sale, you can get the bag for just $56.

Nicole Lee Multi-Zipper Patent Tote - $72.00

The new Nicole Lee Multi-Zipper Patent Tote is just stunning. It has lots of small gold tone zippers that accessorize the bag and give it an edgy look that you will want to wear everywhere. It is a bargain at the regular price of $80, but buy now and get it for just $72. It is a large size and can even double as a quick overnight bag, so it is definitely worth every penny you will spend on it, and then some.

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