Framed handbags

No, we are not talking about a crime caper! When we say something is framed, we mean that it has a structure to it. Most frame bags have structure at the top that gives them their overall shape and appeal. Here are some examples of framed bags that are new to Baghaus that we think you will love:

Urban Expressions Fantasia Shopper - $160.00

We have released several new Urban Expressions bags recently, and this is one of them – the Urban Expressions Fantasia Shopper. The gold tone frame at the top defines this otherwise simple bag that will match many pieces in your closet.

Urban Expressions Cameo Bag - $160.00

The new Urban Expressions Cameo Bag is another example of a framed, structured top that clearly defines the bag. Of course, the crescent-shaped opening and faux croc detailing help define it, but it is the rigid structure of the top that really shapes the bag overall.

Nicole Lee Patent Quilted Tote - $170.00

This Nicole Lee Patent Quilted Tote is almost the definition of structure in a bag. The rectangular shape makes this bag's unique style and the bold colors help it stand out even more, as if it needed help!

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