New Nicole Lee Patent Quilted Tote bags

These three words are what we think about when we think about designer Nicole Miller. And now we offer these fine bags right here at Baghaus. Want to know why we think of these three words? Let us explain, with the help of visual aids, of course:

Nicole Lee Patent Quilted Tote - $170.00

Smart, because you will look smart for buying such beautiful bags at such low prices. Where else are you going to find a patent leatherette tote that is expertly quilted and has such great color details like this? The answer – nowhere else.

Nicole Lee Multi-Zipper Patent Tote - $172.00

Edgy because that explains a bag like the new Multi-Zipper Patent Tote. Zippers as accessories have never been used quite like this. It is eye-catching, stunning and has a decidedly urban feel yet can be used for everyday purposes whether you are running errands or doing something fun like lunching or having a spa day.

Nicole Lee Chain Link Handbag - $168.00

Chic because a bag like this takes a popular look (chains) and transforms it into something gorgeous and affordable for the everyday woman, and not just celebs who can afford the thousand dollar price tags that come with the newest "It" bags.

So now you know what we think of Nicole Miller bags. From the way they are flying out of our warehouse, we think our customers might just feel the same.


Anonymous said...

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Marc Jacob Handbags said...

I love that bags, that must be relatively new. I bet it sells out quickly...