New Cath Kidstone handbag

If you are going to meet your prospective mother in law – this is the handbag to take - or maybe not - I am not quite sure. Anyway the Cath Kidston bags remind me of the Laura Ashley curtains my mum has in her kitchen and of a newer more trendier bag-version of the laminated shoppers of old ladies. But at the same time they look very pristine and innocent… so we have a split opinion!

Looking at Cath Kidston’s website (Is there a real person behind the name?) I discover that Cath has got some other similarities with Laura Ashley. It is the good home-makers heaven! Apart from the Cath Kidston handbags that I found on the internet, Cath Kidston also sells Homeware, Home Furnishings, Knitting and Sewing and even China!

Cath Kidstone handbags

Hmm… maybe this is where I will be shopping in ten years time… Scary! *_^

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